5 ways to start connecting to your community

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Do you really believe that donating to charity actually reaches the needy people? Wouldn't it be more beautiful to serve directly to the people in your community?

Love and kindness are the real glues with which we can connect and serve other. If love is something you want to keep it for someone special, then kindness perhaps is the other glue you can used to make Lara community more cohesive. There are five ways

1. Contribute rather than consume

I'm sure no one would disagree on how much time we actually spent on technology. It appears that the technology enhances our knowledge and therefore makes us satisfied. If that's true, then we should be more contented than our previous generations, isn't it? There is nothing wrong with using technology only if we also contribute than just consume the unstructured and unsupervised information over internet (this blog is no exception!). Have you thought about writing a blog to challenge the current thinking in your community?

2 Kindness

We often forget kindness in our busy life, however, knowing a place where people are willing to help without bias, prejudice or judgement, help us remind to come back to kindness. My Lara is one such initiative. If there is some way you can help your community then please reach out. Remember kindness is beyond helping the people you know.

3. Sharing your stuff

Those who are parents, know how important it is for kids to learn the skill of sharing, however, as adults, how frequently we apply it to ourselves? Do we "Practice what we preach"? Would you agree, that by actually sharing something with your community would make bigger impact on our kids than simply preaching them? Do you have something like a trailer/machine/mower etc which is picking up dust or rust? What's stopping you to share with community? Do yo fear of loosing it or getting it damaged? And if that happens, is it really hard to buy another? The person who took it away may have bigger needs than your.

4. Proactive help

The current situation, where we help only when being asked, won't be sufficient in modern world. With constant exposure to technology, the trust of community on other is draining. It's becoming harder and harder for others to trust that you can help or how can you help unless you tell and offer them. If you see a person struggling with something, what's really stopping you to tell him that you can help and how you can help?

5. Business inclusion

Business owners are very busy in their business, not saying greedy, but honestly customers are at the core of their heart. But have we realised that there are people in our community who unfortunately can't be afford to be your customer? So as a business owner, is it really hard to for you to occasionally offer services to people who say they can't afford? Would that make a huge impact on your balance sheets?

Guys, if you could think of any way to help Lara Community, then please leave me a message. Please remember, no idea is too small or too big unless you give it a try.

Thank you for your kindness!

Keep in touch via my FB group or my website. And if, you are someone like me, who doesn't feel comfortable sharing opinions in public by disclosing the identity, then you can leave me a private message here

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