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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Hassle free and affordable services by My Lara

This service, to me, is not like any other business. I'm a full time professional and very satisfied with my job and all my colleagues including my manager are very happy with me at work. Those who knows me can validate this via Linkedin or searching my name on Google.

I started this just to support my other community initiative where I wanted to influence people to start sharing things with others. And to lead by example, I started it. See my post.

The Problem

Lara, in last few years, has been known as the top growing suburb in Victoria. The prime reason for that is having it's own Airport and Train Station. With launch of international flights from #Avalon airport people of Lara have never found comfort at lower cost ever before and as a result there is an upward trend in people travelling from #Lara to explore the world. Despite of having its own train station, Lara never had had a direct connectivity to #Tullamarine airport. People of Lara had two options before the services offered by My Lara.

Existing options

  1. The public transport - The #PTV provides train connectivity to Southern Cross station and subsequently there is a connecting #Skybus from the Southern Cross to Tullamarine airport. Obviously this connectivity takes longer and a person has to leave a minimum of 1.5hrs in advance. The cost of one person is approx. $27 which means a minimum of $108 for a small family of 2 adults and 2 kids. Obviously this option cost money, time and inconvenience of carrying the baggages.

  2. Taxi - Everyone knows taxi has never been a cost effective transportation alternate especially for a long distance such as travelling from Lara to Tullamarine airport. The standard taxi fare cost anywhere between $120 - $150 and if you have pay more to hire a maxi. Moreover people generally prefer someone local if they can get one.

Proposed Solution

For long Lara residents have been wasting money and time until a local community #leader in Lara understood the problem and came up with an idea of providing personalised pickup and drop services to and from Lara. The community immediately responded with almost 150+ people supporting this initiative within a day of posting it on one of the local social media group. Without wasting any further time the services were launch under website.

The services are now offered by My Lara and are actually not to make profit but to help the needy people. The founder of the website actually offered to provide service free of cost of people can't afford it.


This service has dramatically improved the lives of people of Lara. Here are the few things they liked it most.

  1. Lara has always been a small community where people reach out to each other for any help. This new service model is actually fitting this existing culture and people are loving to support someone local.

  2. People find the cost of transportation comes even cheaper than one of the commercial service provider #Gull Airport Service. A family who recently availed this service found it $20 cheaper than #Gull.

  3. People find it convenient to book the service at the same time they book the air tickets. Which gives them a peace of mind and more time to enjoy with their family or on holidays.

There are many more benefits such as meeting to someone local who can look after them even after services keeps people addicted to this new service.

Now thanks for reading this blog and jump to website now and reserve your pickup or drop service at a very special offer.

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