How sharing a trailer helped grow my trust in communities

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Recently, I found myself completely hooked to the book titled "Children are people too" by "Dr. Louise Porter". I'm not a great reader and honestly speaking I've a record of not completing any book in my life. But for some reason this book really got my attention!

This book talks about guidance approach to raising children based on teaching them to act considerately, rather than punishing them when they fail to do so. This teaching style recognises that mistakes are inevitable when learning any new skill, be it spelling or learning to act thoughtfully. To punish either sort of mistake would be to punish children for being children.

After reading this book, I thought of applying some teaching to myself to learn a new skill of trusting others. I realised that no one actually taught me to trust others in my life. Most of my well-wishers advised me to be careful and not to trust others. And with passage of time, I found my trust level began to drain gradually. As a result I started building skills to live independently without relying or trusting others.

But now after reading this book, I thought of putting my learnings into practice. So, I thought of an idea to share my trailer with my community purely based on the trust. So I posted following on one of the local social group

The reaction of community to this post was positive and very supportive. Community responded with a lot of kind messages and encouraging comments. It was so heartening to read all these. Then among all there, I found a few people who really cared about me. They politely reminded me to keep the licence of the borrower to ensure that trailer is returned.

Again, I was so grateful to see how much people were caring for me. However, I thought if it would be a good idea or not to keep the licence. I also thought about my original motive of sharing the trailer which was to trust my community. Here was my reason for sharing the trailer.

Contradictorily, if I take the licence then that itself shows a lack of trust! I was confused.

I then engaged my rational brain to help me. I thought - I don't apply trust formula for sharing things which worth less than 10 bucks. Why I need trust factor for expensive things? How can I grow this trust for something which cost more than $10. What's the $$$ limit to which I can take risk. What if someone breaks my trust and I hit my max limit? Would that have devastating impact on my life? Perhaps NO. When I get the answers, then I responded following

So guys, if you have anything to share without having any catastrophic impact on your life if you loose it, then please do let me know and we can start offering that as a service to our community.

Thank you very much for your time!

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